Animating my friend's logos

This one’s for my friends at Circuit Society! 🙌🏻💛

@creatorcabinhq Here's a new animated logo, just for you @circuitsociety 🙌🏻💛 👨‍💻 @Adobe After Effects ‼️ Not an ad. Just a fan! #animation #motiongraphics #animatedlogo #content #AfterEffects ♬ original sound - creatorcabin

How I made this animated logo

After Effects was my main software for this! It’s great for 2D animation and motion graphics.


To create the icon logo animation, I created a simple line shape with the pen tool. I then keyframed a ‘Trim Path’ effect on the shape layer. I didn’t show this in the video (I forgot to record on my proper microphone – oops!).

Overall, this animated logo is simple and sleek. The trickiest part was actually just figuring out how to be creative and animate the logo.

*Not an ad. Just a fan!
*Unless marked with ‘#ad’, I am not affiliated with any external websites or links posted in this article.

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