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Recreating… #TheLastofUs 📺
Went with a slightly different vibe – what do you think? 👀

@creatorcabinhq Recreating... #TheLastofUs 📺 Went with a slightly different vibe - what do you think? 👀 Which show should I do next? 🤔 🧑‍💻 @hbomax @Adobe After Effects and Illustrator #adobe #aftereffects #illustrator #thewalkingdead #intro #recreate ♬ original sound - creatorcabin

How I recreated this intro

I used After Effects to composite the intro and effects. Photoshop was used to create my weird, veiny tree assets!


It was all about the trees with this one 🌳 After watching the intro a few times, I was wondering how I could easily create and animate veins.. I had an idea to do with trees. I sourced some tree images, customised them inside Photoshop and sent them over to After Effects.

Using the AutoFill plugin, I was able to quickly animate the trees and branches filling in. You could create a similar effect but animating multiple masks but, it might take a while! I duplicated the animated trees, changed the colours and offset the animation speed – and that was my veins built!

I recreated the title with a similar font and roughed it up a bit with some textures I found online. I used blend modes and the matte effect to fill the text with my veiny trees. Using blend modes again, I layered some smoke and dust stock footage to give the title card some needed atmosphere and depth.

Extra resources – where I source my stock footage and graphics (and trees). – the After Effects plugin I used to animate filling in the trees. – the font I used.

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