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Surprising my Mum with a homemade 40ft Christmas tree!

This year, I opted for a larger Christmas tree 🎄 It may have been slightly too big 👀 This was a ridiculous project but, extremely good fun 🎉 I hope you enjoy watching it all unfold!


Over the past few years, I’ve not enjoyed putting up my Mum’s old, battered Christmas tree so, thought I’d try something really different. I also love surprising my Mum and, I think it’s fun to do stupid, silly things!

How did you create this?

I started by filming all the vlog bits – buying the poles, doing tests and, revealing the tree etc. Once all that was filmed, I compiled a little timeline of clips and started to write a script around them.

I spent 1-day filming myself talking to camera and then, around 3-4 days editing the whole video together.

How did you edit this?

Check out how this video was edited and the techniques involved on, Behind the Edit!

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