Recreating the Breaking Bad intro

Who’s seen Breaking Bad? 🙋‍♂️ I love the show and decided to try recreating their intro 👨‍🔬

@creatorcabinhq Who's seen Breaking Bad? 🙋‍♂️ I love the show and decided to try recreating their intro 👨‍🔬 #recreate #TV #BreakingBad #edit #video ♬ original sound - creatorcabin

How I recreated this intro

After Effects was used for all the editing and compositing. I also used Illustrator to clean up my periodic table graphic.


Starting with the opening text animations, I used a 3D camera to try and match the animation style of the original intro. I could have animated the scale and positioning of each piece of text to get the same effect but, using a 3D camera was a little quicker and easier.

Using Illustrator, I removed all the unnecessary text and background from the periodic table I found online. I animated the size (scale) of the table inside After Effects using keyframes.

My background was compiled of lots of different bits of stock footage including smoke, fire/sparks, and ink. The most important technique used here was, blending. Using Blend Modes you can build complex-looking backgrounds and textures, giving your compositions and videos depth.

I changed the stock footage colours to match the colour scheme of Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, I chose the ending ink transition colour without thinking properly and a lot of people thought it looked like something else.. 💨

Extra resources – where I source my stock footage and graphics.

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