Recreating The Walking Dead intro

It’s time to recreate, The Walking Dead 🧟

@creatorcabinhq It's time to recreate, The Walking Dead 🧟 Which show should I do next? 🤔 🧑‍💻 @adobe After Effects and Illustrator @TWDUniverse #adobe #aftereffects #illustrator #thewalkingdead #intro #recreate ♬ original sound - creatorcabin

How I recreated this intro

Just After Effects for this one! I could have used Adobe Premiere to compile my clips but, I knew I was going to add in some effects and, build a new title card so, kept it all inside After Effects.


After building a simple sequence of clips, I started to think about rotoscoping (masking) different characters to help transition between sections. After cutting out some of the characters using the rotoscoping tool, I was able to try different effects and one of my favourites was changing the background colours.

I took a little time to create a blur-map around the edges of the sequence to give the intro a ‘focused’ look, similar to what they use in the show. This was done with a simple mask and the blur effect!

The final thing to was create my title card. I layered a few different textures and using blend modes, I made a ‘Walking Dead’ looking background. I gave the background some motion by keyframing (animating) the scale.

Extra resources – where I source my stock footage and graphics.

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